Venus Flytrap Facts

Venus Flytrap Facts ( aim to provide high quality information and facts regarding the venus flytrap, the popular carnivorous plant. The plant has a lot of rumours, myths and Hollywood movies surrounding it, but you just want to know the facts, right? We have a range of information to help you understand the venus flytrap better; ranging from venues flytrap facts to how to grow your own venus flytraps from seeds.

Does your child want to know some venus flytrap facts for kids? are they interested to know how big do venus flytraps grow?do venus fly traps hurt? visit our web page dedicated to helping kids learn more interesting facts about the venus fly trap and a full list of answers.

One of our more popular articles is that of how to care for your venus flytrap, it’s easy to keep a health, long lasting plant when you follow our beginners guide – it’ll teach you where to place your plant to give the best results and also what to feed it. Visit the page now to read the full guide at Venus Flytrap Care.

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